Portugal best place to retire in 2020

Portugal has been voted as the best place to retire in 2020 thanks to the low cost of living, climate and healthcare system in the country detailed in the latest report by International Living.

Portugal topped the table for retirees, beating off competition from Panama in second place, Costa Rica in third and Mexico in fourth. Spain was ranked in eighth on the table while France came in ninth position.

“It’s the best-value destination in western Europe today,”  International Living‘s executive editor Jennifer Stevens said. “A place where not only do dollars really stretch, but where the quality of life is high, healthcare is excellent and low-cost, the pace is slow and pleasant and the populace is unendingly welcoming.”It’s the best-value destination in western Europe today”

Compared to life in the US, International Living’s Portugal correspondent Tricia Pimental spends roughly one-third less on expenses in Portugal. She says “you can live a comfortable, although not extravagant, lifestyle for about $2,500 a month (€2,200).”

IL’s Annual Global Retirement Index is not a survey of all the countries in the world – it focuses on those International Living determines to have earned a place on the short list of the best nations for an affordable, high-quality retirement.

Retirees living overseas ranked their experience across 10 categories: housing; benefits and discounts for seniors; visas and residence; cost of living; assimilation and entertainment; quality and accessibility of healthcare; development; climate; government stability; and opportunity for semi-retirement.

High scores for Portugal in the climate category (88), entertainment (91) and housing (93), helped Portugal obtain a final score of 86, placing it at the top of the table and leading to International Living crowning the country as the best place to retire to in 2020.

Here are the top-10 best places to retire: 

  1. Portugal
  2. Panama
  3. Costa Rica
  4. Mexico
  5. Colombia
  6. Ecuador
  7. Malaysia
  8. Spain
  9. France
  10. Vietnam

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