5 Hot Springs to Visit in Portugal

More than ever, we all need to relax and escape our day-to-day routine and the concerns that flood our daily lives in 2020. We have the perfect solution: a visit to one of Portugal’s best hot springs or spas. For a really long time, hot springs, or “termas”, were viewed as a destination for senior citizens and as a place where they would go to treat certain diseases or pains, benefitting from the healing properties of these mineral waters. However, nowadays, hot springs have been revamped and are now seen as real spas, offering a complete wellness experience for all ages.

Preparing an escape to spend a relaxing weekend at a spa sounds better than ever and we want to help you choose your perfect destination. Go into “Zen mode” and enjoy one of these 5 amazing “termas” to relax in Portugal this autumn.

Don’t forget that due to the current health crisis, in these establishments only “low risk users” are admitted. This means that if you have been in contact with someone affected by COVID-19 or if you have any symptoms, then you will not be able to access the spa facilities. If you are free of risk, you can attend these facilities as long as you obey the safety and disinfection measures, such as maintaining the correct safety distance and wearing a mask. Note that masks can be removed during some treatments but you should only do so if the establishment expressly indicates that you may do so.

  1. Termas de Vidago
  2. Termas do Luso
  3. Termas do Gêres
  4. Termas de Unhais da Serra
  5. Termas das Caldas de Monchique


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